Wish for Wheels is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that gives brand new bicycles and helmets to kids in low income communities. Founded in 2004, our first giveaway made it clear that the bikes bring health and happiness into these kids’ lives and for that reason, we are committed to making a difference.

Our unique model bundles corporate philanthropy, team building, and employee engagements through bike builds, to deliver brand new bikes to kids in the community. We are successful thanks to the generosity of our corporate partners and volunteers in the community.


Our mission, through the gift of a new bicycle, is to transform the lives of kids from low-income families, broadening their scope for personal growth and a healthy lifestyle.


Our vision is that every kid will one day have a new bicycle and helmet.


We believe that bicycles improve the quality of life for kids and their communities through:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Safety
  • Community
  • Leadership



2004 History

  • Wish for Wheels was just an idea in Brad’s head, inspired by a similar community organization Elves & More in Houston, TX.
  • We spent 2004 getting up and running as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, establishing partnerships with bike and helmet manufacturers, and getting our donor and volunteer base geared up.
  • McClain Finlon Advertising helped Wish for Wheels come to life, developing our identity and marketing materials pro bono, allowing us to focus our energy – and our money – where it was needed most while still having top-quality communication materials to help gain recognition for our cause.

2005 History

  • Wish for Wheels gave away our first 70 bikes and helmets at Rose Hill Elementary in Commerce City!
  • We partnered with Bicycle Village to buy brand new, brand name bikes at cost. Bicycle Village employees also built and stored the bikes, delivered them to our first giveaway, and fit each child to his or her new bike.
  • We also partnered with Bell to buy helmets at cost, establishing our standard of providing a helmet with each and every bike we give away. Because we’re all about smiles and safety!

2006 History

  • We expanded our giveaways from one to two schools, returning to Rose Hill Elementary and adding Alsup Elementary, both in Commerce City, CO.
  • It was a happy day for about 150 kindergarten students at these deserving schools.
  • We received our first community grant from New Belgium Brewing – Cheers!
  • We were featured in the August issue of Bicycling magazine (the world’s leading bike magazine) in a story on prominent bicycle charities! This just happened to be the Tour de France’s Special Fan’s Guide issue. Toot, toot!

2007 History

  • In addition to returning to Rose Hill and Alsup in Commerce City, we added a third school, Columbian Elementary in Denver, in partnership with the DPS Foundation’s School Partners Program.
  • In total approximately 200 graduating kindergarten students received brand new bikes and helmets.

We received another community grant from New Belgium – and – they invited us to their annual strategic planning retreat offsite where they built hundreds of bikes for us. Bottoms up!

  • 2008 HistoryContinuing our trajectory of adding one new school each year, we returned to Rose Hill and Alsup in Commerce City, as well as Columbian in Denver, and we added a fourth school, Ellis Elementary in Denver, again in partnership with the DPS Foundation’s School Partners Program.
  • 325 bikes and helmets were given to deserving kindergarten kids.


  • 2009 HistoryWe returned to Rose Hill and Alsup in Commerce City as well as Columbian and Ellis in Denver, giving away a total of 330 bikes and helmets.
  • We were selected by Ad2 Denver for its annual Public Service Campaign – they created a fully integrated awareness campaign for us including PR, event planning, collateral, radio and outdoor – helping us gain recognition and increase our visibility in the community.
  • Wish for Wheels was featured on Colorado & Company, where Brad appeared to talk about the good we’re doing in the community.
  • We partnered with Medtronic to do a bike building contest for their field personnel – they built 150 bikes for us.

2010 History

  • We returned to Rose Hill and Alsup in Commerce City as well as Columbian and Ellis in Denver.
  • We began an amazing partnership with Panera Bread, whose employees helped us build and give away bikes at two new schools and expand beyond Colorado! Panera sponsored Virginia Court Elementary in Aurora, CO as well as a camp for homeless kids in Cincinnati, OH.
  • In all, we gave away 265 bikes and helmets to deserving kids.

2011 History

  • We returned to Rose Hill in Commerce City and Ellis in Denver.
  • We continued our partnership with Panera Bread, who again sponsored Virginia Court in Aurora, CO as well as Lincoln Elementary in Colorado Springs.
  • We partnered with AlphaPage and Freight All Kinds to sponsor two new schools, MacElwain Elementary in Denver and Lynn Knoll Elementary in Aurora.
  • Our bike and helmet tally for the year was 440!

2012 History

  • We continued our partnership with Panera Bread, who sponsored giveaways of 220 bikes and helmets at three schools: Virginia Court in Aurora, Lincoln in Colorado Springs, and Ellis in Denver.
  • We returned to our inaugural school, which we have visited every year since our first giveaway: Rose Hill in Aurora, giving away 100 bikes and helmets.

2013 History

  • This year was incredible! Through past and new Partners we grew 500%, giving away just under 2200 new bikes and helmets!
  • We added new partners such as Toyota, Directv, Centennial Realty Advisors, Kellogg’s and Century Link
  • We returned to Rose Hill Elementary, Boston Elementary, Virginia Court, Ellis and some others

2014 History

  • This year started great with Wish for Wheels traveling to Boise, ID with Directv to giveaway 100 bikes at Taft Elementary.
  • We added Great-West Financial with two builds so far this year!
  • American Express came onboard to give 14 bikes to kids at Rocky Mountain Youth Center
  • Our Kid2Kid program grew with the addition of Cherry Hills Village Elementary and the return of Denver JewishDay School. Each of these schools will raise funds to give new bikes to Kindergarten kids they met in the Fall school year!
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