The truth is… I like bikes. I’ve always liked bikes. I grew up riding them until the street lights came on.

Brad and his daughterWhen I had kids, I realized that fewer and fewer kids are riding bikes, so I wanted to figure out a way to give back and give the gift of a bike – and all that comes with it – to kids who may never have access to that. What started about the bike, is now it’s all about wellness.

Wish for Wheels is breaking down barriers for kids in Title I schools so that all can ride bikes and be happy.

Our first bike giveaway was at Rosehill Elementary in Commerce City in 2004. We gave away a bike to 68 kindergarteners… and that’s where I felt the spark. We really ignited an exciting and promising thing! It was about the fun of giving away bikes, but it was also so much more.

Here we are, 15 years later, celebrating our biggest year yet. In 2019, we gave away more than 6,000 bikes. Wish for Wheels still harnesses that fun and joy, but we’re also supporting big, important initiatives like helping kids explore their community, experience adventure, learn responsibility, and promote a healthy lifestyle.

It’s really Wish 2.0 in 2020 – and we’re focused on wellness.

I’m truly humbled to see how this fun idea has evolved and benefitted our community and I’m so grateful to the caring and passionate partners who have helped make my dream a reality.

Here’s to another great year! If you’d like to sign up to build and give away bikes and helmets (and joy and wellness), sign up today!

About Wish for Wheels
Founded in 2005, Wish for Wheels believes that the gift of a new bicycle and helmet has the power to transform the lives of 2nd graders from low-income communities, broadening their scope for personal growth and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Wish for Wheels partners with Fortune 50 companies to sole proprietary/service organizations fund, build, and give bikes to 2nd graders in Title I schools. Its Cycle Club brings together cycling enthusiasts in Colorado and beyond for group rides, social events, and ways to give back to the Wish for Wheels mission. To get involved, visit