Wish for Wheels, a national nonprofit organization that gives brand new bikes and helmets to
2nd graders in low-income schools, announces the addition of Lance Armstrong to its Board of Directors.

Lance Armstrong headshot

Cyclist and endurance athlete, Lance Armstrong, joins the Wish for Wheels board of directors

As a globally known cyclist and endurance athlete, Lance Armstrong remains passionate about the benefits of an active lifestyle and intends to share this passion through his service and dedication to Wish for Wheels and the youth they serve.
“Wish for Wheels is an organization with an incredible mission. I knew I wanted to get involved the day I witnessed a bike and helmet giveaway at a local elementary school,” said Armstrong. “I was blown away by the smiles on the faces of kids who might not ever have the opportunity to ride a bike – something I have always considered the ultimate expression of freedom.”
“We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Lance Armstrong’s involvement in Wish for Wheels,” said Brad Appel, Founder and Executive Director of Wish for Wheels. “He is passionate about giving back and understands first-hand that the gift of a bike can be a transformational shift for a child living in poverty.”
Wish for Wheels partners with companies and organizations to fund, build, and give away free bikes and helmets to 2nd graders in local schools. The Wish for Wheels partner schools all qualify for Title I federal funding, reserved for the schools with the highest concentration of low-income students.
To learn more about Wish for Wheels and its mission to transform the lives of 2nd graders in low-income communities, visit www.WishforWheels.org.

About Wish for Wheels
Founded in 2005, Wish for Wheels believes that the gift of a new bicycle and helmet has the power to transform the lives of 2nd graders from low-income communities, broadening their scope for personal growth and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Wish for Wheels partners with Fortune 50 companies to sole proprietary/service organizations fund, build, and give bikes to 2nd graders in Title I schools. Its Cycle Club brings together cycling enthusiasts in Colorado and beyond for group rides, social events, and ways to give back to the Wish for Wheels mission. To get involved, visit www.wishforwheels.org.

About Lance Armstrong
Lance is a managing partner at NEXT VENTŪRES, a venture capital firm designed to maximize growth opportunities in the exploding sports, fitness, nutrition and wellness markets. Lance currently hosts THEMOVE, a podcast that provides analysis of stages of the Tour de France and other cycling and endurance races; this podcast has had tens of millions of downloads and is consistently ranked in the top 10 in the sports and recreation category on Apple’s iTunes. He also hosts a podcast called THE FORWARD where Armstrong interviews authors, musicians, athletes, politicians, and influencers from all walks of life. For more information, visit www.lancearmstrong.com/.