Every year, Xactly Corp sales representatives from all over the world attend a Sales Kick-Off Event that incorporates a volunteer component. For its event last year, the company chose to partner with Wish for Wheels because the nonprofit offered a chance to connect and engage 250 of their employees who were in town from their global offices in London, Toronto, India, Australia, and more.

The group put together bikes destined for second-graders in a local Title I elementary school within Westminster Public Schools. Wish for Wheels believes that the gift of a bike can have lasting positive effects on a child — from increased physical activity and neurological benefits to addressing transportation and access issues in a community.

“The bike build was great because it not only required a lot of teamwork, but it also enabled me to share my favorite childhood activity with so many deserving kids.” – Christine Hamma, Xactly Commercial Account Executive.

And the process was fun – employees were working together toward a common mission and enjoying themselves, remembering their own first bikes and the childhood innocence and happiness that it represented.

Xactly event organizer and HR representative, Tammy Rindfield, said the experience went to the next level with the opportunity to actually deliver the newly built bikes to the kids.

“Getting to go to the school to hand-deliver the bikes was a truly life-changing experience,” said Rindfield. “You get to see how excited the kids were. There was a moment when you could see that light bulb go off in their head when they realized they get to KEEP these bikes. It was truly amazing.”

Children spilled out of the school with eager anticipation that something special was about to happen. When they saw the line-up of shiny, new bikes and helmets waiting for riders, their eyes began to sparkle, and when they were told that the bikes were for them – there was an explosion of pure joy.

Watch a video about the experience here>>>

“Having the opportunity to make such an impact for children who are the future of this community in Denver was an experience I didn’t expect,” said Rindfield. “The impact is so much more than an afternoon of giving bikes. It’s giving children a summer filled with fun and adventure.”

Being at a Wish for Wheels bike build and give can leave a lasting impression. Rindfield remembers asking one of the moms in attendance if her daughter was good at riding a bike and she started crying because her daughter had never owned a bike before.

The kids all sent thank you notes to Xactly employees. Rindfield and others keep those hand-written notes filled with artwork right by their desks.

“I read the thank you note from Kayla whenever I need a pick-me-up.”

A Spirit of Community
In addition to their Sales Kick-Off event, each department at Xactly organizes a volunteer event every quarter to help a local nonprofit or cause and the entire company participates in a global day of giving annually.

Xactly operates with what they call its VMC2 in mind. Their Vision, Mission, Core Values, and Community are the pillars in which they do everything – always with the vision of employees being able to create meaningful impact and positive change in the community.

“Community is one of our core values – and we are very committed to that,” said Rindfield. “It’s not something you hear about on your first day and never again, it’s something we take seriously. So, partnering with Wish for Wheels was a perfect fit.”

If you’re interested in helping change the life of a kid through the gift of a new bike and helmet, visit WishforWheels.org to sponsor a school and its deserving students!