Red Rocks Park

The first good biking place in Denver is Red Rocks Park. This famous park is not far from Denver. It is located in Morrison, which is 15 miles west of Denver. Therefore, it is convenient for bikers to get there. What’s more, as a beautiful natural park, Red Rocks Park provides bikers with spectacular views while biking. Red Rocks Park is open daily and free of charge- unless, of course, one of their famous concerts are being held! You will definitely want to check the event/concert schedule before  planning your ride.

Washington Park

Another good biking place in Denver is Washington Park – or better known to the locals as Wash Park. Compared to Red Rocks, which is a natural park, Wash Park is an urban park, and considered one of Denver’s finest parks. We could probably list a hundred reasons why Wash Park is a good biking place, but we will stick with the top three. The first reason is its size! Wash Park covers 165 acres and features one of the most popular running trails in Denver. Also, you cannot beat the view at this park!  It doesn’t get better than two scenic lakes and the city’s largest flower garden. The third one is the well maintained, and wide biking trails. We are not alone in loving Wash Park, who knows you may even meet your next BFF there since it draws fitness enthusiasts from across the Mile-High City.

High Line Canal Trail

High Line Canal Trail is located in east-northeast through Douglas, Arapahoe, and Denver counties. The trail begins 1.8 miles upstream from the mouth of Waterton Canyon and runs 66 miles east-northeast through Douglas, Arapahoe, and Denver counties, ending in the Green Valley Ranch area in northeast Denver. This is a great place for a bike ride as you can enjoy the beautiful view when riding your bike. The trail is beautiful, however this beauty comes with lots of attention.  There may be a lot of people walking or running on the trail. It is always smart to plan ahead and choose a suitable time for your ride. Don’t let this deter you from the canal. The breathtaking views and long trail make the High Line Canal Trail worth the possible crowds.

Platte River Trail

Platte River Trail runs from Chatfield Dam to north of Denver. It is one of Denver’s superb multi-use trails, which stretches for 28.5 miles through Denver’s urban landscape – including its industrial face – and incorporates high plains grassland landscapes with the Rockies as a backdrop. It is a great bike trail that connects to the Cherry Creek Trail and RiNO district. The Platte River Trail comes highly recommended by Denver locals (so you know it’s got to be good!). Additionally, you will not be disturbed by cars as there are very few crossings along the entire trail.