Wish for Wheels targets low income, culturally diverse children k-2nd grade attending Title I schools and programs. For many of these children, a bicycle is just a dream, as we are striving to make it a reality for all of Colorado.

Wish for Wheels provides an opportunity to give kids a chance to build self esteem, and self-confidence, by learning how to ride a bike, and to get to school, so they can get an education. Our programs target childhood obesity, and providing tools for a healthy lifestyle and exercise.  Wish for Wheels:

  • Work with area public schools to focus on the students who will benefit the most from our program.

  • Organize an annual bike giveaway with the financial and organizational support of community participants.

  • Delivers bikes to our selected schools and watch firsthand as the children’s faces light up with excitement.

If you have a class or school club/organization/team that would like to sponsor a Wish for Wheels giveaway, please contact us.

Make a Donation

Wish for Wheels provides an excellent community service and volunteering opportunity for classrooms. You can sponsor a class in one of our giveaway schools by raising money to buy bikes and helmets, then helping to build and give away the bikes.

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